Provide your best guests with much needed technology items while providing them the opportunity to buy a nice curated git package to bring home to a loved one or client.


Top sellers include our "Technology Station", allowing VIP or preferred guests to power up their mobile devices during their stay.  If theft is a concern, we created small in-room collateral to direct guests to front desk or a designated area to rent or buy them.



Offer your wedding clients a great array of wedding, bachelor, or guest thank you gifts.


Best selling items include technology, fitness, spa and bare-ware such as stainless steel tumblers, coasters, Moscow mule mugs and glasses. We can meet any price or design requirement.






Amplify the in-room experience for VIPs, group leaders or preferred guests with personalized gift items or gift boxes to meet any budget.


The days of the free cheese plate and bottle of wine are passé as boutique hotels better cater and personalize experiences for their clients.




Four ways hotels can monetize BirdieBox's capabilities:



Create more value and better service for your larger clientele with a unique assortment of items in custom packaging at an incredible price.


Groups tend to bring their own gifts but now Group Sales Teams can generate incremental revenue by offering clients an array of great gift ideas at any budget in short lead times with one phone call!